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My name is Charlotte and I am the founder of Muttley & Martha Pet Services. Whilst out walking on a Sunday afternoon with my pack, I had an idea to create a blog for you all. From info, top tips to sharing our adventures with you!

A little insight into whats to come; Our dog walking essentials, the best dog friendly walks around Taunton, our recommended Christmas gift list and much more! Before I get started, I wanted to dedicate this post to introducing MM Pet Services, what it's all about and why I chose to become a dog walker.

I opened my first business early 2015 with my online pet accessories shop, Made for Mutts. As the business grew, so did my product range which is what kick started the rebrand; Muttley and Martha Co. I now design and create pet accessories, gifts for human, hound and home. Since rebranding in March this year, the business has gone from strength to strength!

I was working long hours late into the evenings which meant it took away part of the fun of spending quality time with friends, family and most importantly, my dogs (Ruby, Martha and Winston). It was then that I realised I needed to make a healthy change to my working life to be able to continue with the brand and also not be stuck in my office 8am-8pm!

My hobbies include photography, being outdoors and spending time with dogs! The answer was staring right at me! It was that moment I made the decision to work hard to build another part of my business, a local pet service for dog walking, drop in visits just to name a few.

I started to research what I’d need to do to become a dog walker, without even realising I already had the most important skill, becoming a crazy dog lady! I’d previously opened up my home for dogs to come and stay whilst their owners were on holiday back in 2015-2017 with a wonderful company called Barking Mad. I’d already had experience with a wide variety of breeds, from a Shih-Ztu to a Bernese Mountain Dog - I loved them all! I love how they all have their own little quirks and characteristics. It's what makes all of our dogs special and also helped me to learn how to read their behaviour.

I spent two months setting up my pet service, canine first aid training and making sure I had everything in place. I then started to walk family and friend’s dogs which helped me to get into the swing of things! June soon came around and I officially opened up the books to welcoming new clients to the pack! I spent a few weeks building my social media and website from scratch, and it wasn’t long before my first pack members got in touch!

Over the past 5 months I have gained some wonderful pack members! To say it's my dream job is an understatement! I now spend my mornings working on orders for my online shop (and shop space in Wellington), Muttley & Martha Co, the afternoons are spent exploring with pack members and now I spend the evenings with my fiancé and fur family!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading an insight into the start up of MM Pet Services! If you’d like to join the pack whether its for a group/solo walk or one of my other services, Id love for you to get in touch! I currently have availability on my lunchtime group walk.

Lots of woofs,

Charlotte x

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