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My name is Charlotte, founder of Muttley and Martha.

What was once a dream of setting up my own business working  with dogs, became my reality in Spring 2018 when Muttley & Martha pet services was born.

After spending 2 years caring for  dogs as a home boarder alongside my own Boxer Ruby, we decided to close the doors and welcome a second Boxer into our lives.  After a year of no boarding, i realised something was still missing and that was dedicating my whole day to working with dogs. 

 After a lot of research, learning and investing into my new business, I started to receive more demand for pack dog walks. 


As my business grew over the next two years, the pandemic hit and upon returning to work there was a huge demand for dog walkers and that's when i really started to notice there was a lack of structured walkers  in the Taunton area.

 I started to post some fun training videos across my social media platforms which I was surprised to learn how popular they were. I then realised more needed to be done to help owners in more ways than just walking dogs.


I noticed an increase in people setting up dog walking businesses with little to no experience. I mean, it's the most incredible and rewarding job so who wouldn't want to go from an office to being outdoors with dogs all day, every day! However, it's a job that requires a lot of patience, guidance and responsibility. Which is why I now only offer structured walk & train services.

I have worked with many breeds, big & small. I have experience with dogs from puppy development, obedience to reactivity.

If you would like to know more you can find me over on instagram by clicking here. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope to meet you and your dog soon. 


- Charlotte 


*CRB Checked


*Fully insured including key cover & public liability

*Certified for Dog First Aid & Emergency Canine Care

You can request to see any of the above at any time. 


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