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My name is Charlotte, founder of Muttley and Martha.

What was once a dream of setting up my own business working  with dogs, became my reality in Spring 2018 when Muttley & Martha pet services was born.

After spending 2 years caring for  dogs as a home boarder alongside my own Boxer Ruby, we decided to close the doors and welcome a second Boxer into our lives (Martha pictured in the middle). After a year of no boarding, i realised something was still missing and that was dedicating my whole day to working with dogs. 


 After a lot of research, learning and investing into my new business, I started to receive more demand for pack dog walks. 

As my business grew over the next two years, the pandemic hit and upon returning to work there was a huge demand for dog walkers and that's when i really started to notice there was a lack of structured walkers  in the Taunton area.

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